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Construction with a Commitment to Perfection

We are not in the business of construction to give the residents of South Florida “Good enough” or “Acceptable”, we are here to give the public the very best there is at construction. We are not here to only offer reliability in our work, but to surpass any and all expectations in whatever vision you have for your job. We offer a team of dedicated, knowledgeable, and reliable workers who are here to make sure what you envision comes to fruition.


Construction is Our Passion!

We come backed with over three decades of experience and skill of a true master. During our time in the construction industry, we have taken on jobs of all shapes and sizes; projects as simple as shutter replacement to conquering the complexities of complete custom home builds. Our proven track record in delivering on our promises shows us to be a company of morals and reliability.



Ygrene is the ideal way to finance both residential or business workings that involve using eco-friendly upgrades. You are offered the option of saving money if your project involves solar panels, new roofing, windows, doors, and other environmentally positive improvements. Energy efficiency is the future, it only seems fitting to embrace it, and by extension, be offered benefits in adopting the change.

Renew Financial

How does this sound? Home renovations with $0 down. Sounds too good to be true, but that is exactly what we are offering. With Renew Financing you can expect 100% financing for home improvements that help save energy and water.

KMR Construction only finances high-quality products that meet the state and national standards established for energy efficiency, so you know you are getting the very best products when it comes to Renewal Financial.


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