Founded in 1986, KMR has grown through generations of South Florida’s ever-changing landscape – we’ve seen it all, and we’ve been a contributor to it. With industry experience across all aspects of construction, KMR has established itself as one of the premier multifaceted general contracting firms in South Florida. We believe that excellence is achieved through an unwavering dedication to quality in both craftsmanship and relationships. Since 1986, we’ve built both our construction projects and our client relationships on the uncompromising principals that foster such excellence: transparency, integrity, and diligence. Our experience lends itself to cost-effective practices, thorough and timely completions, and an ability to navigate challenges with effective solutions through decades of successful projects. As leaders in innovative solutions, KMR prides itself on its ability to balance old and new, considering ourselves old-school early adopters: we welcome innovative techniques, but adhere strictly to our uncompromising business values and will only implement innovations that we know will stand the test of time.

How we deliver the KMR Standard to you:

We tailor our approach to all clients in order to suit their unique needs by handpicking the team of professionals with specific skill set for each project. Our professionals apply their technical skills to achieve high-quality construction in a timely and cost-effective manner, delivering the tangible value of the highest quality.But it’s not just the tangibles: the client-first approach is the bedrock of our business, and it’s what has set KMR apart from others. Our commitment to safe construction, legal compliance, and transparency from start to finish is what ensures complete client satisfaction. Our team is here for you, every step of the way.




A South Florida Native, Kevin’s interest in construction started early – he was a “handy-child” on weekends and summer breaks at his father’s moving and marina companies in North Miami Beach. In his teens and 20’s, he was taken under legendary builder John Kurzman’s wing, where he worked his way from carpenter to lead foreman. Kevin continued his interest in college, where he studied construction in Gainesville, obtaining his Certified General Contractor license in 1983.

Upon graduation, Kevin served as Owner’s Rep & GC for prominent Developer Stan Baumann, managing all of Baumann interest, until he formed his own construction company in 1986: KMR Construction. Kevin has earned a reputation and nickname in the industry as “The Fireman” with cities, developers, and contractors thanks to his ability to provide out-of-the-box solutions in a timely and innovative manner, especially when complex issues arise. Kevin excels at maximizing value and minimizing risk for his clients.

Kevin is a hands-on, highly involved President: he is responsible for overseeing all significant aspects of the business, visits and performs on-site inspections for each construction project several times a week and is always on-site when major work requiring his unparalleled expertise is involved. Kevin serves as a lead executive working directly with architects, designers, and owners from pre-construction through completion.

Kevin is a member of the Building Trade Association and the American Institute of Architects and sat on the North Miami Beach City planning and zoning board for several years. He was recognized in 2003 as a top business leader in the United States for integrating successful business practices from the National Republican Congressional Committee Business Advisory Council. An active member of the community, Kevin was recognized for his work with the United Way in the post-Hurricane Andrew cleanup and rebuilding effort and in 2004 was known as Coach of the Year for North Miami Beach Little League.



Kyle started with KMR at the age of 14 with a broom in his hand and a job directive to keep the job site clean. Shortly after realizing Kyle was better with his mouth than his hands, he began shadowing Kevin and the clients, slowly working his way up to becoming the liaison between all parties. Kyle now manages all client interests, ensuring a smooth working relationship between the owners, suppliers, and sub-contractors of every project. As the client’s primary point of contact, Kyle is KMR’s master facilitator: from obtaining building permits and developing the construction master plan to the evaluation of bid proposals and on-site inspections, he receives and transfers all information among all appropriate parties and facilitates meetings when necessary.



Michael’s KMR involvement started young: at 12 years old, he got his hands in the industry as a laborer’s assistant. Every aspect of the business piqued his interest – from the beginning to end of each construction project and all the work that occurred in between. As COO today, Mike oversees daily operations with the same enthusiasm he had in his pre-teens, implementing business strategies and procedures with years of experience. He sets overall goals for performance and growth while establishing policies that promote the company’s culture, brand, and vision. Michael’s organizational and management skills have played a pivotal role in KMR’s growth. Outside of KMR, Michael’s passion for fitness and sports led him to open a couple of gyms across south Florida, specializing in sports performance and fitness that is training dozens of professional athletes.



Willie has been part of the KMR family since birth, as his dad has been a lead carpenter with KMR since the late ’80s. Willie has held every job title within KMR from Babysitter (of Kevin’s kids) and Laborer’s Assistant, to Project Manager at the young age of 21 – management of which, at a scope and size in the millions, fortified his nickname unofficial title: “The Prodigy.” Willie’s easy grasp of construction concepts prompted Kevin to take him under his wing as his mentor. Now, as VP of Construction, Willie coordinates and oversees all project operations at each construction site by leading and managing all on-site construction teams from the breaking ground to completion. Willie excels in managing all aspects of a construction project with all construction parties’ personalities – a key component to a project running smoothly. Willie’s focus on collaboration through leadership and compromise makes him a definite asset to any project.



Cesar has over 20 years of experience installing and managing impact windows and doors; he was our first point of contact to bring on board when we decided to launch our window and door division. Our clients rave about his customer service and his efficiency to complete their projects successfully with unparalleled industry expertise.



As office manager, Jasmin keeps the inner workings of the office running as smoothly for us as our project managers do for our clients out on-site. We are only as strong as our support, and Jasmin ability to steer the office ship is what allows the KMR team to attend to clients in the best way possible.



Sue is the structural support that keeps KMR’s inner workings well-maintained and smoothly operational. Whether it’s touching down on missing items from a client’s file or coordinating supporting documentation for the project, we have counted on Sue to provide the help that facilitates our day-to-day processes for almost two decades.