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KMR has been delivering quality construction projects across South Florida since 1986, completing millions of square feet in both residential and commercial construction.


  • Complete range of pre-construction services: planning, design, estimating, value engineering, budgeting, and project scheduling.
  • Quality, cost-effective construction projects on a tightly controlled schedule.
  • Maximize value to the client through an effective system expertly curated through our experience.
  • Constant communication from start to finish that ensures budget, scheduling, and quality standards are accounted for and delivered
  • A client-centered approach: we get to know our clients, ask the right questions, understand their goals & objectives, and provide accurate, transparent information to manage and meet expectations.
  • The best team available: we utilize, employ, and deliver the best team of sub-contractors, suppliers, vendors, and construction personnel that the industry has to offer.


From initial concept to closeout, our construction team possesses the construction and engineering experience and knowledge to deliver cost-effective solutions to the typical challenges that anyone (architects, contractors, engineers, and owners) may face throughout any phases of the construction process.

· Design and build from concept to planning and construction
· Organization of the construction operation to lessen complexities that may arise
· Obtaining of building permits
· Evaluation of bid proposals
· Budgeting
· Value Engineering
· Development of construction master plan
· On-site inspections
· Constant review for compliance with construction and applicable county and state laws


We've built quite a lot of unique projects – of all types of construction – throughout our 30+ years in business. Our team is comprised of professionals with expertise that offer dependability and quality, ensuring that you're projected, whether it's a custom home or commercial shopping plaza, is executed on time and meets the project specifications while exceeding your expectations.

When KMR takes on a new construction project, we offer full-scope design and build: we work with you through the design discovery phase to establish the initial concept, bring it to paper, then work with various architects to bring it to physical life.



With decades of renovations under our belt, KMR provides the most accomplished experts for all your remodeling and build-out needs. We approach your build-out with the adherence to your timeline, quality, and budget; as business owners ourselves, we understand the value and importance of staying on-budget and on-track. We have earned our reputation as leaders in the industry by navigating with problem-solving approaches and innovative techniques.

From challenging remodeling projects, multi-building condo conversions, shopping center renovations, restaurant build-outs, tenant build-outs, to residential and commercial remodels, our team can be trusted to complete any project you have, every step of the way. KMR assembles the team best suited to meet your project's needs, ensuring clear communication and organization throughout the process.


  • KMR delivers each project with a team who is accountable and dedicated to the success of the construction service.
  • From start to finish our team maintains constant communicates to ensure budget, scheduling, and quality control is being accounted for and delivered.
  • We get to know our clients, ask the right questions and understand their goals and objectives to deliver the project our client expects.
  • We deliver our clients accurate and realistic information to help manage their expectations.
  • Our goal is to manage your project with planning, preparation, and craftsmanship as our priorities.
  • Utilizing the best team of sub-contractors and construction personnel for your specific project.
  • We have been working with the best suppliers and vendors for decades to ensure our clients get the best products on the market for the best price.
  • Our proven track record and expertise in delivering on our promise shows us to be a company of morals and reliability.


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