Why Construction Management Is Necessary To An Organization

Why Construction Management Is Necessary To An Organization

You probably heard the term “Construction Management” already in your lifetime. But you may have confused them into a similar thing like construction services. The truth is, they are two different terms. Not all construction projects are in need of construction management like small projects since the scope of work can be carried out. But in large and complex projects, construction management is essential. 


Construction management is the managing of a particular project from planning, designing, building, and turnover of the building. Construction managers utilize project management techniques to ensure the efficiency and smooth workflow of the operations. Effective construction management can be based on the timeliness of the project, whether or not it is in accordance with the contract duration, within the budget, and free of legal complications. 

As mentioned, construction management is more vital in massive projects. Without a team of construction managers, risks will keep on arising. Below are the reasons why construction management is necessary. 

Reasons why construction management is necessary 

  1. It improves work efficiency. 

The term efficiency is not usually mentioned in the industry of construction since problems always arise which often leads to delays and hindrances. Construction management improves work efficiency in the workplace. Some of these efficiencies are sticking within the said budget and finishing the construction project within the given timeframe. 

But how do construction managers make efficiency possible? 

Construction managers coordinate with all the various workforce included in the project. To help you understand it better, a construction project involves architects, interior designers, engineers, and contractors. Each of these entities has its own designated roles and responsibilities and one mistake can affect the overall workflow of the project. 

For example, while the design and planning team is busy with the designing and building up phase, the other departments which are the accounting and engineering team are working on the bidding process. In this way, time is not wasted and everyone is working accordingly. 

  1. It bridges the communication gap. 

Like any other project, communication and comprehension are key for a successful project. Construction management is essential for bridging the gap between stakeholders and other important entities. Without construction managers, the project may suffer from poor communication and this may lead to delays, misinformation, and divided vision. 

A construction manager can arrange strategies to strengthen communication processes. For example, a construction manager may act as the go-to person of the owner. One sits down with the client and translates all the contact information, the process of the project, when to expect results, and more essential things. It is also a good way to keep the client updated on the progress. 

  1. It saves unnecessary costs. 

The number one thing that owners avoid is overhead costs. An effective construction manager can avoid these excessive expenses by making sure that the team is working effectively, there are no delays with the goals to be accomplished, there are no delays with deliveries, and everything is set with the schedule.

KMR Construction has been in the construction industry for more than a decade. Founded in 1986, they have witnessed generations to generations of South Florida’s landscape. KMR stands by cost-effective practices utilizing old and new strategies. As part of the old generation, they are open to new innovations that will bring value to the business. 

KMR Construction adheres to transparency, integrity, and diligence to its customers. The standards of the business always stick fit to the needs of the clients applying technical skills to achieve high-quality construction. 

Kevin Rafferty sits as KMR’s president and general contractor. He is a South Florida native and his interest in construction started as early as he was a child. His first few work experiences were under John Kurzman’s wing wherein he started as a carpenter until he progressed to the lead foreman. His interest grew further that he took construction in college. 

Upon generating his contractor license, Kevin worker for Stan Baumann until he formed his own company. He earned the name “The Fireman” for his unique ability to provide out-of-the-box solutions in a timely and innovative manner. 

Alongside Kevin, he also has a team of executives such as Kyle Rafferty, the Owner’s Executive, Michael Rafferty, the Chief Operations Officer, Willie Ornelas, Vice President of Construction. Cesar Ruiz, Project Manager Windows and Door Division, and Jasmin Mazzarese and Sue O’Brien, the Construction Administrators. 

KMR offers the following services: 

  • Commercial services 

  1. Construction services 

The inclusions of their construction services are a complete range of planning, designing, estimating, value engineering, budgeting, and project scheduling. 

  1. Construction management 

Construction management covers the organization of the construction operations, the conceptualization of the construction, obtaining business permits, evaluation of bidding proposals, on-site inspections, and more. 

  1. New construction

KMR offers a full-scope of design and construction with new constructions. The process will be walking through the design phase, establishing the concept, bringing it to paper, and working with architects to bring it to life.


KMR Construction offers construction and residential services to the state of South Florida. For more information and inquiries about their services, you may visit their website or contact them at 954-342-3400. You can also send a message through their contact form or email. KMR Construction operates in 10424 W. State Road 84, STE 10 Davie, Florida 33324 from Mondays to Friday starting at 8 AM to 5 PM.