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KMR focuses on four main fundamentals of construction:

Construction Management, Commercial and Residential Remodels, New Construction, and Impact Windows and Doors.

For a project to be victorious from the pre-construction stage to the certificate of occupancy, the relationship between the owner, architect, and contractor must have successful, useful transparency and work well together. KMR delivers each project with a team who is accountable and dedicated to the success of the construction service.

  • From start to finish our team communicates effectively to ensure budget, scheduling, and quality control is being accounted for and delivered.
  • Because of our experience, we can avoid common mistakes, meet budget, and schedule.
  • We understand that communication is the principal when establishing a functioning and successful project.
  • We get to know our clients, ask the right questions and understand their goals and objectives.
  • We deliver our clients accurate and realistic information about the budget and timeframe of the there project.

KMR Construction offers complete construction management consulting services. Our construction advisors possess the construction and engineering experience to deliver real-world and cost-effective results to the typical challenges that those involved in a construction project (architects, contractors, engineers, and owners) may face during the construction process.

From the initial concept to closeout, we will assist you in enabling and organizing the construction to lessen any complex issues that could arise.

Construction Management entails

• Keeping your job on the right track.
• Keeping you informed of any plus all changes occurring with your job.
• Viewing your happiness with the job’s completion time and quality as being number one priority.
• Honoring the amount the project will be, and if additional supplies or services are needed

KMR construction offers more than just the typical remodeling, but also, we have become skilled at completing New Construction jobs as well. Our 30 plus years of experience has made us quite skilled at building entirely new locations for residential and commercial locations. That includes becoming experts in steel structure, welding, concrete, carpentry, and masonry. We offer assurance and dependability that your job will be executed on time, and to the parameters that you have set for us to meet.

New Construction Entails

• Having a fresh, new, and unique location built precisely to your parameters.
• Utilizing a team of architects, and construction personnel to create something specifically for you.
• Carefully picked material.
• Not a cookie cutter house.
• You can see its progress and inquire about its development.
• Professional attitudes and expert workers.

With KMR Construction you are trusting in your remodeling needs being completed by well-accomplished experts who have many years in the field of construction. We have gotten our reputation as leaders in the industry by bringing amazing solutions to challenging remodeling projects. Our team has completed jobs from Sunny Isles to Indian Creek, with jobs including restaurant and market build outs all the way to kitchen and bathroom remodels.

Whatever project you have in mind, KMR Construction can make it happen.

• Specialized professionals examining your remodeling location, and them working out the price and timeframe for your project.
• New flooring-Tile, wood, concrete, carpeting.
• Drywall repair, and wall painting.
• Location buildouts.
• Woodworking- Doors, countertops, cabinetry, and custom pieces.
• Kitchen and Bathroom remodels.
• Up to date material.

We are committed to providing you with the highest quality Impact Windows and Doors for any and all of your needs. The quality of our products is matched only by the pride our personnel has in their work, and the expertise they have developed over the many years of impact window and door projects completed.

We will understand your individual needs and do everything possible to go above and beyond your expectations.

With these doors and windows comes:

• Top of the line impact doors and windows.
• Shutter-free protection against debris- No need for unsightly plywood or storm shutters.
• Different sizes and styles.
• Promotes energy efficiency.
• Storm and intruder security.
• Sound reduction.
• Allows location to go above and

Informational Brochures:

Installation and complete custom designs – you can have it all when you work with us.

High-quality craftsmanship combined with years of experience and unwavering dedication to perfection; you don’t have to go far to find the best with us. We are the experts; we are KMR – Where quality and reliability still matter. Contact us today for your project estimate.

To find out more about the Eco and Assura lines that we carry, get in touch with one of our qualified team members today.

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