KMR has been delivering quality construction projects across South Florida since 1986, completing millions of square feet in both residential and commercial construction.

Construction Management


KMR CONSTRUCTION MGT, INC. is a full service general contractor firm that specializes in commercial and residential projects throughout the state of Florida.

Our team of highly trained professionals will take you through every step of your job from the planning process right down to the completion of your project.

Our commitment and dedication to our customers and their projects are second to none. We are constantly striving to be at the top of our industry by keeping up with today’s technology.

We pride ourselves on our reputation of doing quality work on time and in budget.


The President and Owner of KMR Construction Kevin Rafferty is responsible for the strategic direction and profitability by using his “hands-on approach” and his involvement with the day to day operations along with his 40 + years managing and completing some of the largest and most prestigious projects. He is very proficient in computer software relating to material tracking, job cost management, and production tracking. He pays strong attention to every detail that goes into every job from start-up, budgeting, safety, and scheduling to making sure your project finishes on time. He feels your projects deserve a financially stable and secure company that is committed to doing quality work every time.
KMR has a proven track record with decades of building long-term relationships with new and existing customers and is responsible for doing business with some of Florida’s largest developers and business moguls. Our loyalty and dedication to our customers are second to none. Our personal guarantee and strict commitment to quality, reliability, and maintaining the highest standards our company has to offer is met on every project and to every customers.


To deliver you a safe innovative and cost-effective job at the industry’s highest level in today’s market.


Placing each project with the brightest team possible by creating and environment where they can work successfully. KMR’s role is to bring everyone together with the resources they need to maximize their talent. This is the key to the continued success of the company.
The booming construction market for large scale contractors is still thriving in South Florida. This has allowed us to concentrate and focus on the customers we have established great working relationships with, that has allowed us to maximize margins and increase our overall profitability.


  • Expand our services.
  • Reduce costs and unnecessary spending. Creating, maintaining, and educating our employees on the importance and need for safety, and to consistently have an accident free workplace.
  • Our commitment and dedication to completing projects on time every time has made us stand out, as a reliable partner in your project. Teamwork, transparency, and mutual respect are keys to us being successful in today’s marketplace.
  • Maintaining strict attention to detail at the highest standard the industry has to offer.


We constantly strive to improve each and every day and our goal is to be the best and most reliable partner for your project.


Pre Construction Management

KMR Preconstruction Services deploys value analysis of each project, including project systems, materials, means and methods and fast tracking schedule techniques. This assures clients receive the greatest value for the lowest possible cost. The successful application of the Value Engineering process can save the owner substantial dollars.

  • Average cost savings over 10%
  • Document conflicts identified & corrected
  • Subcontractor input, buy into scope & schedule
  • Reduced schedule delays
  • Reduced change orders
  • No surprises
  • Extensive subcontractor Prequalification Process & Bid Coverage
  • Detailed Area Takeoff
  • Detailed Quantity Takeoff
  • Detailed Scopes and Bid Tabulations
  • Full Disclosure / Transparency
  • Track all changes during entire pre construction process (Audit Trail)
  • Identify Material Escalations and Incorporate into Budget based on construction schedule or mitigate with warehousing of materials
  • Detailed Alternates / Value Engineering
  • Life Cycle Analysis and Warranty Terms Analysis
  • Analyze Constructability and Coordinate Revisions
  • Provide Comprehensive Project Schedule
  • Provide Site Logistics Plan analyzing traffic, construction phasing, laydown, site access, temporary parking, etc…
  • Provide Cost Breakdowns into various products – residential, office, retail and parking