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Ted Lotts

Ted C. Lotts has 40 years of operations and construction management experience. A selection of notable work includes acting as the Senior Construction Manager & Owners Representative for the Miami Beach Convention Center.

Experience and Activities

 Miami Beach Convention Center Miami, Florida Senior Construction Manager Hill International Inc.Ted was assigned to assist the Hill staff with closing out of the Convention Center, Including daily construction reviews, work inprogress, daily reports, tracking the RFI & NCR logs, review the current status of all permits to expedite the final inspection requiredby the City of Miami Beach to receive a Temporary Certificate for Occupation (TCO) and to assist with receiving a full Certificate ofOccupancy (CO) He will continue to assist the Hill team, Client, Architect and the City of Miami Beach to carry on with theDocumented BIM 360 Punch out work / Deficiency Issues.

Silver Sands Beach Resort Island of Grenada, Grenadines – Senior Construction Manager Hill International Inc.

Ted’s was re-assigned to assist the Owner and Architect with continuing construction of a “troubled project” in need of getting controlback and turning the project around in 6 months to meet the Owners expectations. The 400,000 Sq. Ft. Project site with a buildingcost of around $250,000,000 is to be branded as a 5 star resort, with two Hotel Blocks, 5 Oceanfront Deluxe Villas, 4 Hill sideDeluxe Villas and each villa includes 4 separate private bungalows’ with Pools and Jacuzzi. Resort style Amenities’ include a BeachClub & Restaurant, Fine dining Main Restaurant, Grand Lobby with top floor meeting and office space’s, Health Spa and the longestpool ever built in the Caribbean (300 feet long) Including a Lavish landscape and hardscape design. The construction wasunorganized and work was in need of coordination. Ted made several recommendations to the Owner and General Contractor toincrease the productivity of the supervisors who oversee each building under construction. Arriving in May 2018 the project hadstarted to stall and needed to be pushed to have a soft opening in November 2018. He was tasked to take over the CoordinationMeetings, the site was in a mess and extra efforts were implemented to remove all trash to make the site safer for the daily workers,management personnel and Owners visitors. 90% of the project was ready for the first guest in early November, Hotels, Restaurants,Lobby, Landscape/Hardscape, walkways, buggy paths and all pools were included in the opening.

Miami Science Museum Owner’s Representative / Senior Construction Manager Hill International Inc.

Based on Ted’s extensive experience he was re-assigned to assist with continuing construction of a “troubled project” in needof getting control back and turning the project around to meet the Owners expectations. His abilities to interact with theConstruction Team, Design Team, Local Authorities to properly correct issues was very important to get the project back ontrack and implement a higher standard of quality control and progress towards completion.Ted was assigned as the Owner’s Representative as the Senior Construction Manager and the QAQC Manager overseeingall activities of construction, inspections, keeping all subcontractors focused on the project’s specific requirements, includingLEED specifications’ and time-management. He worked closely with the General Contractor’s team, coordinating designchanges, overseeing cost events, reviewing all RFI’s, monitoring the 3 week look ahead, enforced continuation of “as built”drawings, reviewed the pay applications with the Architect of Records & assisted the Architect’s team members as needed.Ted also records and prepares Daily reports for the Owner Records. **5 months into the continued construction, the OriginalGeneral Contractor was replaced.During the transition time Ted was able to keep all of the Sub Contractors working andfocused on completing the project as planned, he continued holding Superintendent progress meetings without the voice ofthe General Contractor, he held sub-contractors to the schedule without any delays, he worked together with the new GeneralContractor’s staff to effectively keep the project on track and met with all sub-contractors to help them work with the newGeneral Contractors core team members. He worked closely with local authorities to maintain Building Code inspectionrequirements without delays. He also monitor’s OSHA Safety requirements’ and reports directly to the General Contractor’sSafety Manager for correction, following up to confirm that issues were in fact resolved as to protect all workers from Death orInjuries. Ted works directly with all “Tower Crane Operators” to make sure Safety is our first priority and that the Cranes areinspected daily/weekly as required by law. Continue to support the Owner to close out the Construction Work: Oversight andCoordination of the Punch-Out work, Issues identified as deficient or incomplete by the Owner and their Design Team,implementing the use of BIM 360 Field software installed on IPAD, to track and close all issues. Anticipated projectcompletion December 2017.

Client: The Urban Development Company of Trinidad and Tobago “UDeCOTT” Trinidad &Tobago, West Indies Senior Facilities Manager / Senior Construction Manager

Ted Expedited the Re-location of the Governments’ Parliamentary Offices from the 150 year old Parliament Building,duration: 7 weeks, Ted strictly enforced all Local / International Building and Life Safety codes to provide a Safe andEfficient environment for the Client and all users. Monitored all Contractors and their Subcontractors, schedules,materials, inspections, he held the contractors to all Industry Standards expectations, ensuring all specifications werefollowed as not to incur any extra costs. Ted worked directly with the RFQ and RFP process for the fit-out bids. Heobtained the Certificate of Occupancy with Local Authorities (Fire & Building Permit Department) Ted’s position was theSr. Facility Manager / Sr. Construction Manager for the Prime Minister’s Residence and The Trinidad & Tobago’sDiplomatic Center. Responsibilities: Included writing all RFQ’s for fair bidding of the Government work, evaluating theRFP’s with the Client / Government Special Projects Director for fair competitive pricing, Ted coordinate daily allVendors, Sub Contractors for the compounds functionality needs and requirements, i.e. inspections /roadworks/structures’/ security /including the oversight of the Facilities Engineering Department spending budgets.

Falmouth Cruise Ship Pier Tenant Improvement Port of Falmouth, Jamaica, Role: Owner Representative, ConstructionManager

Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. (RCCL) and the Port Authority of Jamaica (PAJ) constructed a new cruise ship port and passengerterminal complex. The Facility includes 16 stand-alone buildings with a total of 107 retail spaces. The 35-acre site was created toaccommodate the new Oasis class cruise ship and included a terminal building for Jamaican immigration and customs clearance,retail, office facilities, and restaurants and residential units. The project required dredging 1,500,000 cubic meters of fill to createreclaimed land for the dock, relocation of hectares of coral and sea-grass, and provision of artificial reefs — all under the strictenvironmental monitoring and control of the Government of Jamaica. Hill International provided Owner’s Representative services toRCCL including project management/ oversight during design, and construction management during construction. Ted workeddirectly with RCCL, the merchant tenants and their design teams to establish the requirements with local building departmentauthorities to acquire building permits for build-outside of the rented shops and stores. In addition to providing drawings to the designteams, as well as real-time photos for the out-of-country owner’s and designers, Ted responded to questions after consultation withthe general contractor, senior project manager, project manager and local authorities. He assisted the owner to determine quantitiesand materials to be used as security barrier walls for shop owners. He also assisted with project signage packages for buildings andstreets.

The Trump International Hotel Las Vegas NV. Role: Construction Manager / As-Build EvaluationHyatt Hotel requested a peer review of all Mechanical systems, including 120 random selected Units for possible purchases.

Caribbean Condominium Complex Miami Beach, FL. Role: Lender Representative, Construction Manager

Working directly for the lenders, Ted represented his team at Hill International and performed a peer review of the designdocuments to determine compatibility and capacity of systems. Ted assisted in providing a detailed punch list of the mechanical,electrical, and plumbing and fire sprinkler suppression systems, including Passenger elevators and emergency generators. Healso reviewed the life safety, fall protection, and ADA elements of the structure to verify that all codes were strictly enforced toensure that the owners were not exposed to any liability for construction work in place. (Mid-Rise) Reference: Hill International /Client -: Chorus Bank: Mr. Enrico Bellido (617) 592-0446

Onyx on the Bay Condominium Project Miami, FL. Role: Lender Representative, Construction Manager

Working directly for the lenders, Hill International performed a peer review of the design documents to determine compatibility andcapacity of systems and provided a detailed punch list of the mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire sprinkler systems; elevatorsand emergency generators for a 29- floor tower and two levels of rooftop equipment rooms. Reporting daily to the project manager,Ted reviewed life safety equipment, the emergency generator, steam generators, pump rooms, elevator equipment rooms, andelevator pits. He also recorded any deficiencies within common areas, he reviewed all apartments, recorded any damages withphotos, and developed an incomplete work list with values including a cost-to-complete for the owner. Reference: Hill International,Client -: Chorus Bank / Construction Manager / As-Build Evaluation

Tao Sunrise Condominiums Sunrise, FL. Role: Lender Representative, Construction ManagerWhen work fell behind schedule and was in danger of sharply exceeding its budget, Hill International was called in by aChicago-based investment firm funding a two-26 floor tower project with rooftop equipment. Ted provided troubled projectturn-around services and worked with the entire project team to get the project back on track. Ted helped to expeditecompletion of final construction, reviewing both towers, each Containing: one-, two-, three-bedroom luxury residential units,Amenities’ included a Billiards room, Conference room and a heated pool, and fitness & Yoga center with tennis facilities andplayground area for the children. Tracking work that needed to be completed, he recorded deficiencies within all common areasand mechanical, electrical rooms, steam generators, pump rooms, elevator equipment rooms and elevators Ted also reviewedall life safety equipment, ADA/FHA access and exits to maintain compliance with all building codes. He was also responsible fortracking all work from the general contractor’s schedule. He notified the client, general contractor and developer of potentialdelays. Reporting daily to the project manager, Ted worked closely with the city and county building inspectors to bring thebuildings into final acceptance / completion and received the Temporary Certificate of Occupancy (TCO) as well as the finalCertificate of Occupancy. Reference: Hill International / Client -: Chorus Bank / Construction Manager

The Mint Condominium Complex, City of Miami, FL, Role: Lender Representative, Construction Manager

Working directly for the lenders, Hill International Inc. performed a peer review of the design documents to determine compatibility and capacity of systems and provided a detailed punch list of the mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire sprinkler systems; elevators and emergency generators for a 52-floor tower including roof top equipment. Reporting daily to the project manager, Ted reviewed life safety equipment, the emergency generator, steam generators, pump rooms, elevator equipment rooms, and elevator pits. He also recorded any deficiencies within common areas, started review of 25% total apartments, recorded any damages “with photos”, and developed an incomplete work list with values including a cost to complete for the owner (High-rise 52 floors) Reference: Hill International / Client -: Chorus Bank / Construction Manager / As-Build Evaluation

Project 1800 Club (Condominium) Miami, FL, Role: Started as Construction Superintendent & Became the Senior Construction Superintendent, Construction Manager **Troubled Project Turn-Around: Hill International & Chorus Bank**

For this 44-Story Building with 469 High-End Condominiums, Ted’s involvement ranged from building Lay-out to all MEP rough-in inspections into final inspections and Exterior finishes, utilizing Mast-Climbers for the Stucco and Painting Contractors, Ted managed the interior buildings finishes and continuously maintained excellent levels of Quality. The $130 million project included high-end Brazilian granite countertops, European cabinets, marble bathrooms and glass shower enclosures. Ted arranged all deliveries with two Tower Cranes, for all building materials and stainless steel appliances. Working closely with the City of Miami’s Building Department inspections and Permits (code compliance) About half way through the Project’s life cycle funding became an issue and the Bonding Company became involved, Hill International was hired to oversee the completion of the Project. During this time there was a big shift in Management and a transition team was sent by Hill International as well as the General Contractor had to assign new Managers to assist with the completion of the project, during this time Ted stayed working and he personally managed the sub-contractors to keep the project moving forward, he helped the new Managers from Hill International and The Auchter Company understand all of the older outstanding issues and was able to expedite the construction work and not have any delays due to lack of history. Ted personally expedited and hand carried the application for the Temporary Certificate of Occupancy (TCO) documents to the City of Miami for approval, and was able to walk out with the TCO in hand. He performed weekly safety walks to ensure OSHA compliance. Maintaining good relationships with the architect, their independent inspectors, and field personnel, Ted facilitated changes, Oversaw the punch-out efforts to final clean up and turnover to the Homeowners Association. **He was also responsible for the final Certificate of Occupancy and Project close out**.

West Palm Beach Florida Project Superintendent Supervisor: Project Director, Senior Project Saint Lucie West Plaza, Retail Center and Rooms-to-Go, Port St. Lucie, FL, Role

For the Saint Lucie Plaza, Retail Center and Out Parcel that included Rooms-to-Go, Ted began the $75 Million project with a portable generator prior to Florida Power and Light (FP&L) temporary power to stay on schedule. He coordinated footers and stem walls to receive concrete masonry unit (CMU) walls and all steel columns and roof package which expedited the dry-in to complete all rough-in inspections into tenant build-outs and final inspections. Due to his maintenance of OSHA compliance at all times, The project experienced no injuries. Maintaining a good relationship with the owner, architect, local Building and Engineering/Zoning/ Permitting Departments and inspectors, Ted negotiated change orders with subcontractors and did not incur any extra costs to the project or the general contractor. Working closely with the Senior Project Manager and Senior VP of Operations, the project, including two restaurants. Project was completed on time.)

Bayloft’ s Condominiums and Parking Garage, Miami, FL, Role Project Superintendent

Ted was responsible for oversight of construction management from project award to client move-in for A 100,000 SQ. FT., 10-story, 58-unit, high-rise condominium with three-level parking garage ($30 million). His project involvement included the complete project life cycle including project administration, scheduling, scope, buyout negotiations, purchasing, and subcontract administration. In addition, Ted hired, trained and supervised all assistant supervisor staff. His duties included start of site work, architectural concrete, interior build out, canopy roof system, and oversight of the Otis belt driven elevators (the first of its kind to be used in the Miami area). Ted also conducted contract negotiations with subcontractors including scope of work, time frames, custom options, pricing and site improvements. He also scheduled subcontractors, resolved daily problems on site, and inspected all work during construction to ensure compliance with plans and building codes. Ted also ensured that applications for payment to Owners were properly submitted, payments were promptly received, and funds were properly reimbursed. In addition, he kept management informed as to project progress and financial status and maintained excellent relations with the owner and architect to ensure project success. Ted was also responsible for installation of roof access bridges and walkway systems for the Miami/Dade Fire Department after the Temporary Certificate of Occupancy (TCO). The project was completed on time and all units sold prior to the final Certificate of Occupancy (CO).

Las Olas Grande, Fort Lauderdale, FL, Role Position: Interior Superintendent

For this $110 million, 40-story High-Rise with 240 Apartments, Ted administered and directed all aspects of planning, growth development, administration and management of project operations. He was also responsible for building inspections, installations, repair and maintenance as well as hiring, training, and supervising a majority of employees. Ted’s duties also included oversight of workflow, quality control, conflict resolution, client service, budgets and review processes. He managed multiple crews on multi-task projects including structural compliance, glass installation, and interior build out and waterproofing. In addition, he ensured that work was completed by the highest quality standards including OSHA regulations and all new building standards. Ted significantly reduced expenses and consistently kept maintenance and operating Expenses under budget.

Brenau University: Theatrical Arts Building, Gainesville Ga. Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College: New Science Building, Tifton Ga.

Three Story all Brick Facade Traffic Department Building: Albany Ga, Georgia Technological College, Renovations of the Campus Science Building, Downtown, Atlanta Ga. Began and completed all renovations and new construction works on three university buildings and a traffic department building ($300 million +) Ted was accountable for overseeing interior renovation project finishes with emphasis on advancing business development initiatives from project inception through to completion. In addition to developing and maintaining productive working relationships with clients, city officials and subcontractors, Ted worked directly with building officials during permitting and construction to streamline processes and expedite job completion. His duties included closely monitoring and implementing change orders, following the schedule. Ted worked with the architectural revisions with the cities to maintain each City’s Architectural appearance requirements on all projects. Ted monitored and implemented top quality control over the each buildings Finishes that were of great importance to each Client this also included Terrazzo flooring that had the City’s Logo imbedded into the stone floor with specific graphics, Cherry wood 8 foot tall doors, Bullet proof glass walls, Grand Circular Stairway with Brazilian wood panels and Stainless handrails and glass half walls for fall protection, state of the art security and surveillance system and walk in Vault. Domed ceiling Theaters’, three levels of seating, grand entrances and Ball Rooms, modern equipment for each Science Laboratory, Natural gas lines with new safety shut off features, livestock housing areas, 4-H livestock exterior showroom and Auction area.

Apartments, Retail Center, Bank, Utilities Office and Freight Shipping Headquarters, Grand Cayman Islands Project Superintendent

Reporting to the Vice President of Operations and the president of the company, Ted served as Exterior and Interior Project Superintendent for Sunrise Phase II Apartments (60 units), Windsor Village Apartments (50 units), Waterway Apartments (48 units), Mike’s Ice (Micro Retail Center), CIBC Bank (new addition and remodel), Cayman Utilities Company (new office), and Ugland House (5-story World Wide Freight Shipping, Caribbean Headquarters). He was accountable for oversight, coordination and management of these projects to complete the work on schedule, within budget and to the quality of workmanship specified. For all of these projects, Ted represented his company to the owner, architect, and builder. He also provided leadership and maintained effective, harmonious working relationships with the project manager, assistants, the owner and architect. In addition, his duties included establishing and managing administrative procedures for the project which conformed to established company policies.

Superior Interiors Position:

Estimator / Project Superintendent / Project Manager For a Westin Hotel (320 rooms), Comfort Suite Inn (115 room exterior shell and interior build out), Holiday Inn (150 rooms, metal framed roof), multiple custom homes (over $10 million each), Cayman Utilities Hurricane Storm Shelter and Control Center and Island Air new airport hangar, Ted had overall responsibility for guidance and overview over the entire life cycle of multiple projects valued at $300 million. He was accountable for business development, estimating, budgets, cost management, purchasing, schedules, quality control, project documentation, logistics, planning, scheduling and execution. His duties also included oversight of construction management from project award to client move-in, and he was involved in the complete life cycle including project administration, scheduling, and scope and buyout negotiations as well as purchasing and subcontract administration. In addition, Ted served as liaison for the project owner and design team on all issues while maintaining communications and positive relations with clients, subcontractors and the community. He conducted contract negotiations with subcontractors regarding scope of work, time-frames, custom options, pricing and site improvements. He also reviewed and improved all subcontractor requisitions and invoices on projects for payment. Ted monitored project progress and performed regular inspections to ensure that the project plan for budget, schedule and quality were maintained. He also ensured conformance with project design and client expectations, consistently meeting project deadlines and budgetary requirements with the highest quality standards.

Education: *Coursework, OSHA Trainer Certified 2012 *Coursework, Nuclear Gauge HAZMAT DOT, American Technical Institute LLP, 2010 *Coursework, Suspended Scaffold Safety and Compliance, ThyssenKrupp Safway, Incorporated, 2006 *Coursework, 30-Hour OSHA Construction Safety and Health, Click Safety, 2005 (Passed with 100% score) *Certificate, Advanced Open Water Diver, PADI Americas, 1991 *Registrations: Licensed Hydraulic Mast Climbing Work PlatformCPR – Medical First Aid 2016 *Notary Public, Florida Work History: